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Pittsburgh callout to regional IMCs!

Please come to Pittsburgh January 24-26 for the Regional Anti-War Convergence, and help the brand-new Pittsburgh IndyMedia Center cover its first convergence! Please!
Regional Anti-War Convergence in Pittsburgh, PA, USA
January 24-26, 2002
Detailed plans, schedules, contacts are here:

Several thousand people are expected (that's a lot for Pgh!), and it'll be the first large event/convergence that the Pittsburgh IMC will be covering. We're asking and welcoming IMC folks from the surrounding areas to please come, help us provide good coverage, and participate in the weekend's events!

The Pittsburgh IMC doesn't have an actual space yet, but we'll be working out of a house set up to be an IMC space. We can also provide housing for IMC folks, if need be. Please let us know, and email info (at) Thanks!



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