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CIA killing register supplemented!
Our dear leader Georgo Bush has augmented the CIA killing list. On the list most notably the newsmen Jamie Doran and his witnesses who will prove a fact that we was concerned on mass extermination of 3000 afghan prisoners of war. What a pack of nonsense! We had only the military authority in this district and we have only watched how they were kicked into the container, how the container have been shoot and how the container got disposed and how the not quite killed people got to shoot dead in the desert and we have told them that they should take out this shit-trucks before any satellites can make a shot of this truck group so the pics could get public by a leak at Pentagon. We don't have gassed them, however we are not german nazis. They have gassed themselves with their own carbon monoxide such as they have hard-earned, isn't it? At present once we have to blur our traces and to knock off bothersome witnesses - two of them we have eliminate yet. The video tapes on which our honest soldiers are visible on watching the slaughterings we keep under cloture betimes as well. Don't worry about we have anything under control!

We catch your all - You can't prove anything - Afore you are dead!



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