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Dec 20: Solidarity with the people of Argentina!

One year after the protests and riots that ousted President De la Rua, the Argentine people prepare to take the streets once again on December 19 and 20 in what is expected to be two days of massive actions. Solidarity events are being organized worldwide.
The reason for the protests - then and now - is the catastrophic situation to which Argentina has been driven by IMF structural adjustment combined with widespread corruption throughout the government. Current President Duhalde has made no progress in restoring the nation's economy or people's faith in government.

The people, organised through piquetero groups and popular assemblies, however, remain strong and commited to the struggle. On this December 19 and 20, tens of thousands prepare to take the streets all across Argentina. Protests range from piquetes blocking all major highways to an urban piquete that will attempt to shut down the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and the headquarters of major corporations such as Microsoft, IBM, Telecom, Merryl Lynch, Bank Boston, and Standards & Poor.

A comprehensive list of the actions that will take place can be found here [ español ]

The Argentina IMC and the Rosario IMC will be providing extensive coverage of the actions as well as a live radio webcast. You can support this coverage by donating through paypal here.

Peoples' Global Action (PGA) has called for an International Action Day in Solidarity with Argentina, acts and actions of public disobedience are planned in more than 30 cities around the world between December 19 and 21.

Read: entire feature | summary of actions

[ CMI Argentina | CMI Rosario | CMI Aregentina english coverage ]




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