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Communique from 'Women With Bolt Croppers'

john browns daughter 7:13pm Tue Dec 17 '02

Now this is what I'm talkin about!

Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2002 4:18 PM
Subject: Communique from 'Women With Bolt Croppers'
We, the Women with Bolt Croppers claim responsibility for breaking into US
spy base Menwith Hill in Yorkshire and destroying their devices for
intercepting radio communications.

On the night of Saturday 14th December 2002, we made our way through fields
and fog and rain to the fence of the base. Just as we had previously
practiced, we proceeded to cut a hole in the fence with our bolt croppers
and climb through.

No alarms sounded, no-one came to challenge us, suprising since the base is
on 'black alert' (one below red alert). We walked to our target unhindered.
Armed with just a pair of bolt croppers and a hammer we set about our task
of causing hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage to the US
listening devices.

Once our work was done we sat down for a bite to eat before leaving throught
the same hole we came in through! We had been inside the base, undetected
sabataging the war effort for over an hour! It was easy!

You'd think the US military might be on the case and able to stop ordinary
women with bolt croppers from destroying their listening equipment.
Apparently not - it seems they have as much intelligence as their leader
George War-monger Bush.

We did this because we are angry at the US state plans to bomb Iraq which
will cause death and misery for thousands upon thousands of people. We are
angry that the British state is backing the US in its war plans, including
allowing the US to use bases in the UK such as Fylingdales, Fairford &
Menwith Hill. We are angry at the hypocracy of the US annd UK governments
who are willing to use their weapons of mass destruction on the Iraqi
people. It is a case of 'we are bombing them because they are more violent
than us'. We are angry that our leaders are going to war in our name. We
have signed petitions, we have lobbied our MP's, we have marched inLondon
and throughout the country on numerous occasions. None of these tactics are

Now is the time! We must decide whether we are serious about stopping this
war. We need to take direct action now, we need to take our protests from
the streets to the insides of military bases, to Fairford, to Fylingdales,
to Menwith Hill. We have shown how easy it is to get into a military base
unhindered, sabatage hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of equipment,
hang around for an hour and still get away.

Imagine the power we would have if just 1% of the people on the last
anti-war demo decided to take their opposition to the war a step further.

It is time to turn opinion into action, time to stand up and be counted,
time to put bown our placards and pick up our bolt croppers. Only direct
action can stop this war, if we don't act now it will be too late. We in
the UK are in a priviledged position in that we CAN actually stop this war.
We have nothing to lose by acting in comparrison with what the Iraqi have to
lose if we do not act.

Sabataging the war effort is not a crime, it is a moral obligation.

You have not heard the last of the women with bolt croppers - WE WILL BE



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