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Loyola, "Boys and girls can't share rooms!"

Loyola University implements policy prohibiting opposite sex overnights in dorms. Fails to recognize GLBTQ population, rejects claiming "not accepted in Catholic tradition."
Loyola University Chicago is implementing a new policy for their Spring 2003 academic semester. The policy prohibits any guest of the opposite sex from staying overnight in a dorm room. However, any person of the same sex as their host is welcome.

Not only is this policy ineffective, it is heterosexist. When students questioned the policy and not considering GLBTQ students, the administration commented that Loyola was not accepting of homosexuality because of Catholic tradition and teaching.

Rainbow Connection, the GLBTQ group on campus, is currently considering steps to take in dealing with this issue. Know any? Please email the author of this story at: naturalcompany (at)



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