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Native American Faces Possible Five-Year Prison Term for Offending Jews

The Jewish Lobby
Offensive comments in the heat of anger? Yes. Over the top? Yes. But worth the prospect of 5 years in prison?

What kind of society has the West become when "hate" laws can be wielded to threaten with prison outspoken, angry Native Americans and, by extension, censor ANY public discourse about J****** [a crime to say "Jewish?"] political and social hegemony, vis-a-vis the racist state of Israel?

Folks, the convenient stereotype of a "Nazi-KKK-racist" being the only one complaining about Jews doesn't wash any more. This is Judeo-centric propaganda. Criticism of the Jewish community, their power, and racist Israel is coming from all quarters, including minority communities, and the Left.

See also, for instance, from the Latino community:

"Holocaust" for anyone, no! Justice and freedom of speech for all about the Jewish/Zionist networks that dominate popular culture, yes!

Native leader under fire for applauding Hitler,
Globe and Mail (Toronto), December 16, 2002

"A prominent Jewish group in Canada is calling for a hate-crimes investigation after a former national native chief publicly applauded
Adolf Hitler for the six millions Jews "fried" in the Holocaust. Keith Landy, president of the Canadian Jewish Congress, suggested the Saskatchewan government should consider criminal charges against David Ahenakew, a former leader of the Assembly of First Nations, the country's most prominent native organization. 'There's no doubt that the police should be looking into this,' Mr. Landy said. 'These statements cannot be made with impunity.' In an interview with a Saskatchewan journalist after a public speech before a provincial native group, Mr. Ahenakew was quoted as saying that the genocide Hitler ordered against Jews and other ethnic groups was an attempt to 'clean up the world.' 'That's how Hitler came in,' he told the Saskatoon Star Phoenix [see article below]. 'He was going to make damn sure that the Jews didn't take over Germany and Europe. That's why he fried
six million of those guys, you know. Jews would have owned the goddamned world. And look what they're doing. They're killing people in Arab countries' ... Asked by a reporter to clarify his statement, he said he agreed with the Germans, and in reference to the Holocaust, responded, 'How do you get rid of a disease like that, that's going to take over, that's going
to dominate?' When it was pointed out to him that the Nazis had committed genocide, he said: 'I don't support Hitler. But he cleaned up a hell of
a lot of things, didn't he? You would be owned by Jews right now the world over' ... Native leaders have made efforts to distance themselves from
his comments ... . 'We respect David,' [the chief of the Saskatchewan native organization, Perry] Bellegarde said Sunday. 'But his views on the Holocaust are his own personal views. His language and train of thought must have gotten off track. We don't try to push people apart and burn bridges.' Mr. Bellegarde said he plans to send letters of apology to Canada's Jewish organizations ... A criminal charge under the country's hate laws would require the consent of Saskatchewan's Attorney-General. The offence,
defined as advocating and promoting genocide, carried a maximum sentence of five years in prison. Mr. Landy said his group will review the process for filing a complaint and gather input from other Jewish representatives in Saskatchewan. 'One has to question what is the motivation and how deeply held are these views,' said Mr. Landy, who wants to hear from the native
community. 'This is the time for good people to speak up."



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