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United for Peace March Down Michigan Avenue pt.1

Pictures from Chicago United for Peace Ecumenical service and march down Michigan Avenue on Sunday evening, December 15th (article 3)
Sunday evening's peace event started with an ecumenical prayer service at a full St. James Episcopal Cathedral while about 600 people rallied outside. Soon the procession left down Michigan Avenue toward the Tribune Plaza. Along the way the many shoppers were met by a variety of singing as the march passed. At the arrival of the beginning of the march at the Plaza it was announced that folks were still leaving the Cathedral. Estimates were of about 1400 people.
This event marks a step in the Chicago area churches forming ecumenical unity in opposing the unjust war on Iraq and being a voice for peace. This is also reflective of a larger national trend. It is important to note that the faith based communities have played important roles in past social movements such as Civil Rights or the Anti-Nukes, as well as Latin American Solidarity.



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