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Jaggi Singh refused entry into Israel

Montreal. December 14, 2002 -- Jaggi Singh, a Montreal-based writer and social justice activist, has been denied entry into Tel Aviv. He flew out of Montreal last night and arrived in Tel Aviv today at around 6:30 PM local time (11:30 AM EST). He was stopped at customs and questioned for several hours before being refused by Israeli officials.
Jaggi is refusing to leave Tel Aviv voluntarily. He was able to contact the Canadian consulate, who then informed his contact-people in Montreal that Israeli authorities had refused him entry for "security reasons." Jaggi is now in
detention, and lawyers in Tel Aviv have been contacted on his behalf.

Jaggi was travelling to the occupied territories to write about the realities of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Jaggi is well known in Canada and abroad for speaking out against injustice in the many forms it takes.

You can pressure the Canadian embassy in Tel Aviv
( to intervene with Israeli authorities in order to have Jaggi released from detention and allowed Israel. The contact information for the embassy is:

Telephone : +011-972-3-636-3300
Fax : +011-972-3-636-3383
E-mail : taviv (at)

Please cc your emails to andrea (at)

You can also put pressure on the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) to intervene on Jaggi's behalf. You can call DFAIT at 613-944-6788, or toll free (from within Canada only) at 1-800-267-6788. As of Monday morning, you can also ask to speak directly
to Myra Pastyr-Lupul, the person in charge of case management at DFAIT. She can be reached at 613-944-9094.

We will continue to send updates about Jaggi's situation as we receive more information.

Andrea and Stefan

Andrea: 514-583-2209; andrea (at)
Stefan: 514-268-4069; christoff (at)


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