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Send GW Bush a Christmas Message He'll Never Forget!

Jews drink the blood of Palestinians and put their marrow in their Matzah on Passover.
It's completely true! They do all these things and more.
They are worse than the Nazis.
Sharon is worse than Hitler....A thousand times worse than Hitler.

Zionsism is perhaps the worst thing in History!

Netenyahu is worse than STalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Bush and Mussilinni all put together.

Jews in their Zionist state have stolen trillions from American taxpayers every year.

They have alos killed tens of millions of Palestinians over the past 54 years of injustice.

And now they went and crashed those planes into those tower....Fucking Assholes.

What the world needs now is to finally wake up to the Jewish threat that is taking over this country and the whole world in General.

Jews ruin everything. They killed Christ, betrayed Mohhammed and even sued (through their proxies at the ADL) such freedom fighters as the honorable historian David Irving, the famous politician Lyndon Larouch and even the well respected activist/politican David Duke. These people are crazy.

By the way, i am only condemning Jews as an idea. I am not an antisemite nor to I think Racism is acceptable in society. That's exactly why we must fight the real ant-semites (Palesitnians are semites remember),....Namely the so-called Jews, who trample all over the world with their supremicist garbage. It is time to stamp them out for good.



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