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Federal Plaza Peace Action Photo Essay pt.2

This is part two of my photo essay on Tuesday morning's anti-war action at the Federal Building. This is the civil disobediance part. (article 5)
This is part two of my photo essay on Tuesday morning's anti-war action at the Federal Building. This is the civil disobediance part and here are my captions.
1. Andy Thayer arrested. Andy is a leading activist of CABN, Chicag Anti-Bashing Network. They primarily work to confront hate crimes against the gay community but have come out strongly against the war on terrorism, recognizing that the war has large elements of racism and hatred in it.
2. Blocking the security gate. The way it looks back there it seems one could easily lose their soul.
3. Tuesday was also Human Rights Day, giving this action added meaning. Our government is the number one purveyor of human rights violations. Many people do not know we have these rights, that our country signed onto the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which includes such things as accessible healthcare. These rights have been hi-jacked and won't be gained without a struggle.
4. When I look at this image I think of images of Christ. An aspect of him not thought too much about is his resistance to the violence of the state in favor of love for others. When the Iraqi Holocaust Muesuem is built, let it be said that we resisted the genocide.
We have been living the nightmare myth of kill or be killed, an eye for an eye. But throughout existance people have come forth to remind us our that our existance is based more upon a symbiotic communion with the world around us. Pagans say Mother Earth, Athiests Evolution, Christians Creation. It is the same, we are of a oneness, limited by our disconnection from it in realizing it. I would say that it is one giant equation, but it is not an equation because it is expanding, even as we excercise the poor judgement in our free will of detroying it. Nature is infinite in her variety. The surrounds of the Federal Building make the humanity of the arrested man very apparent. Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's. I do not want to be of Caesar, of the State. I shall do to love my supposed enemy. Give the Iraqi people Food, not Bombs.
5. Woman of death, our government officials have been remote in seeing the death and destruction brought on by their decisions. In the spring of 2001 I was present at a die-in at the Pentagon for the School of Americas Watch. Six months later it became real.
6. While the people inside were being arrested the rallyers outside gave support through singing, drumming and chanting.
7. No Blood For Oil.
All images are free to use by non-profit social justice groups within proper context. I hope we can stop this war.



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