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14+ Block Chicago's Federal Building, Are Arrested, To Protest War

CHICAGO, Dec. 10 (IMC) - More than 14 anti-war protestors blocked the revolving doors, entranceways and a metal detector in their defiance of a US-planned escalation of bombing of Iraq.
The protestors had signed onto an Iraq Peace Pledge of Resistance, pledging and acting on their intentions to commit acts of civil disobedience to send their anti-war message to the government.

Federal Protective Service officers Mucha, Pribble and #1145 coordinated with one plainclothes and several uniformed Chicago Police officers to handcuff the protestors, leading them inside the building. Officer Mucha stated that they will be charged with criminal trespass.

Six 20- and 30-ish, white anti-war protestors took their position in the mouth of a metal detector leading to a bank of elevators. They sat down, cross-legged, and linked arms, facing outward. They displayed signs on string around their necks reading Circle of Life, Yes to Clean Water, No to War on Iraq. At other entrances, pairs of protestors sat down in revolving door quadrants, refusing to move.

"We have only just started," yelled some of the five dozen people massed around the building's southern glass wall, observing the arrests in the elevator lobby.



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