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Hate and harassment at the U. S. Postal service

From 1985 to 87 because of $25,000 back pay award I was
cursed and harassed and wrongfully removed At the Chicago
Bulk Mail Center in Forest Park Ill.

I was an employee at the Chicgo Bulk mail Center Forset
Park Ill. form 1980- 87. From 1983 to 1985 I was removed
for false criminal charges [framed by the Schaumburg police in connection to a series of sex murders] I cleared
myself in a criminal trial and returned 4/85.

I was owed $25,000 back pay. They tried to cheat me.
The Federal Gov,t forced them to pay me by intimidation.
The next 2 yrs. [85 to 87] my supervisor would scream
" Cock Sucker and Mother Fucker " at me trying to coearse
me into a fight. My Superv. would force me to perform work
very dangerous while half asleep. Getting crippled or
killed is a " Safety Hazzard "

The hate and harassment was so intense I could have had 2 of the Supervisors shot to death !!

In April 1987 I was removed for the 8th time for being
absent. I,am a very good worker and want my job back !!



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