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Peace Vigil in Evanston

Neighbors for Peace held a Peace Vigil in downtown Evanston Sunday afternoon, where about 30 people stood against war on a cold December afternoon, in solidarity with many other peace vigils all over the Chicago area today.
Neighbors for Peace, an Evanston/Skokie/Rogers Park based group of peace & justice activists, held a peace vigil in downtown Evanston on Sunday, December 8th at 1:00 pm. Attended by about 30 people on a very cold but sunny December afternoon, the group gathered at Fountain Square to stand for peace and oppose the so-called 'war on terror.'

Focusing on the looming escalation of the war against Iraq, the vigil included a rousing send-off for 2 local peace hereos, Theresa Kubasak and Gabe Huck, as they prepare to depart for Iraq on Saturday December 15th for a month-long stay as part of a Voices In the Wilderness "Peace Team."

Both Gabe and Theresa spoke to the crowd about their motives for going to Iraq, with particular attention on the 12 years of sanctions and the horrific effects this has had on the Iraqi population. Gabe also called for a moment of silence in honor of Philip Berrigan's recent passing, and he spoke of Philip's incredible lifetime of work for peace, and the many years he spent in jail in furtherance of his beliefs.

Demonstrators held signs and banners, including several that said "Honk for Peace," which elicited supportive honking from about half of the cars passing the square. Only 2 drivers exhibited hostility towards the vigil, and they were both driving enormous SUV's - coincidence?

This event was planned in solidarity with similar events to be held all over the Chicago area today, as part of a network of distributed actions called for by "United for Peace," a group of interfaith religious leaders, and CAWI (Chicagoans Against War with Iraq). The follow-up to today's local community events is a collective peace vigil to be held along Michigan Ave. next Sunday, December 15th, at 3:30 pm starting at Huron & Michigan.



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