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Anti war student conference comes to chicago

Some info. Official announcement is coming
Just to give heads up for the upcoming anti-war student conference. It will happen during feb 1-2.
Everyone is welcome.
Some reasons why this date: (my opinion and reasons that i brought up at the meeting... other people other views)
We don't want to take away from the other national organizing. People might want to go to Jan 18 ANSWER DC thing.
There is a conference in Michigan that sounds great and people should go. We should not try to take away from that.
Some people don't have the money to travel nationally.
The war in Iraq has been on for 10 years. It will not stop in couple of months. More wars are coming. How will the students respond?
We can re-evaluate our eperiences at Michigan, and in DC or SanFran marches. Also there is another march against all wars in Pittsburgh on 26th(?) with some national support.
We don't need a conference to tell us what to do. We can still organize, protest, march, rally, do direct action, whatever.
Jan 11 is before some colleges go in session. People are out of town.
Also, the 'nation' is not widely represented. We need to get support from south, west, north and not just east and some mid-west. National means as many people as possible from many regions!

Ok, these thoughts are my own. An official announcement is coming soon.
I would invite everyone to attend. We welcome ideas!



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