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chicago students meeting! Help needed! Friday

Chicago students meeting!
UIC for the CSAWN meeting this Friday
December 6th at 4:00pm
the Chicago Circle Center of
the University of Illinois - Chicago, which is 750 S. Halsted it is
accessible by the Blue Line.
Get off at the UIC/Halsted stop and
walk South on halsted past Harrison St.

YOu can take the escalators to the second floor where the elevators are.
It in the room 713, which is in the North end of the CCC, take the elevators up to 7th.

Look for signs up from the train station and in the building if you get lost.

Please come. We need differing opinions so please show up!!

Do you hae fresh ideas? Do you want to plan anything? Are you an actual student? We need fresh ideas! Everyone is welcome no matter you've heard. Someone with fresh ideas that are sane... please share!



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