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Photos of war crimes in Burma

seeing is believing

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Dictator Watch announces the publication of two photo series documenting assault and murder by the State Peace and Development Council and the SPDCÕs direct involvement in what is arguably the worldÕs largest narcotics trade.

The photos are available on the DW site at

Dictator Watch believes it is the obligation of the free states of the world to end the commission of war crimes in dictatorial nations. For Burma, we ask the question: when will the killing end?

Our answer:

When Kofi Annan fires the United Nations Special Envoy, Razali Ismail, because of his complicity with the SPDC, and installs instead an envoy who will draw a line in the sand and announce to the dictators: leave now, or else!

When the United States and the European Union impose real sanctions against the SPDC, including a retroactive ban on all business investments and an import ban; and, when they actively support the resistance movement in Burma.

When the democracies of the world make it clear to China that they will not and do not accept its Òdictatorship in perpetuity,Ó and demand that it end its support of the SPDC.

When the democracies of the world make it clear to the authoritarian leaders and states of ASEAN, including Thaksin and Thailand, Mahathir and Malaysia, and Lee and Singapore, that they understand that the groupingÕs go slow policy towards democracy in Burma, and in their own nations, is a shield to hide their own obsession with power, and corruption, and further demand that they end their Òconstructive engagementÓ with the SPDC.

When the people of the world recognize that Òdialogue,Ó and not only in Burma, is a sham, and renounce it; that ÒtalkÓ does not solve problems, that ÒtalkÓ does not save lives.

When the people of Burma, starting with the National League for Democracy and the Committee Representing the PeopleÕs Parliament, accept that they must do more, however difficult and dangerous this might be, to win the war for their freedom.

When will the killing in Burma end? The killing will end when the SPDC is DEFEATED; when the generals, starting with Than Shwe, Khin Nyunt and Maung Aye, are removed from power.

Note: for a global perspective on the struggle in Burma please see our foreign policy analysis, Interference and Intervention; and our article, Burma and Chaos Ð Updated, at



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