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Chicago Indymedia censorship. What else is new?

Can you say the word "censorship"?
Hey, webmasters! Feeling insecure about a particular story that criticizes Indymedia
and tries to shine light on the lack of effort within the activist community?
Why not censor it! It works for traditional media, why not "independent"

Just wipe those pesky stories clean:

<<Disappointed in YOU and Chicago Indymedia >> by Barnum 8:33am
Sun Dec 1 '02 (Modified on 11:52am Mon Dec 2 '02)

(full story and 13 comments)

Why, just access the SQL database and delete what's there. It'll look like
nobody said anything, and we can all pretend that nothing is wrong, no improvements
necessary. Everything's *cough* perfect.

And if anybody asks, we'll just blame it on the crappy system that the site
uses. You know, the one that's constantly giving errors of some sort and tripping
over itself, has been since inception, that nobody cares to fix.




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