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READ what we can do to better the 'movement'

the "movement" will remain one of the bowels until there is umbrella unification of all disparate groups opposed to tyranny.
significant progress metric #1: unity

the "movement" will remain one of the bowels until there is umbrella unification of all disparate groups opposed to tyranny.

we hear 500 different messages, not one. we move in 500 different directions, not one.

query for action:
is that how any army worth its booths attacks?

what we have is a class of students, each with their own distinct personalities. that's great!

but, wait, the students are all yelling about different things. what noise! call in the troops! I'm scared. and the chalk board is a giant mess!

alas, nothing is heard.

when whatever-we-are ACTS AS ONE, MOVES AS ONE, will will make significant progress such as we have never seen before. we don't have to give up our individual messages to unify, do we? how selfish is each group that is opposed to tyranny if they don't unify into one.

how organized do you think we are compared to anything we oppose?

does what we oppose just come out of someone's ass, already-made? or does any corporate, political, etc., force gain power over time doing things in a proven manner?

we are an army of, perhaps, millions who can't even agree on a simple thing like what song to march by. can you imagine such an army?

we move 3.5 miles an hour while the "opposition" moves at mach speed. we're, basically getting nowhere fast.

we're focusing on the details of whatever before we have the fundamentals of defeating whatever down. mainly:


1 line for each. nothing detailed, as there are too many different messages. But one unifying force of opposition to tyranny. make it simple, give it a name, a slogan, make it simple, a website, spokespeople, tell everyone to smack it on the ass and send it out the door, and make it simple. (how many groups have you been a part of that couldn't even figure those three basics out for itself, if it ever did?)

model it after congress and appoint representatives for the groups to vote on issues. etc., etc.

we continuously re-invent the wheel and waste a lot of time doing the most basic things.

The current tyranny is too great to do the same, basically ineffective shit that we've been doing for X number of years. Ineffective not because no one has sweat and bled, but because the tyrannies are that much MORE effective.

how much redundancy is there is 500 groups doing the same thing? Can you imagine 500 separate, uncoordinated armies trying to attack Rome at different times throughout the year. Do they all suffer some sort of ego-dysfunction?

We can continue to be 500 separate voices calling out in the wilderness and basically make little progress in the face of having our rights and most basic freedoms vanish.

OR, we can merge all of our forces into one powerful entity.

**Take action on the fundamentals first**

Reason for my post:
We have a new beast in our midst. It is the Department of Homeland Security and the Total Information Awareness office.

Do your research if you haven't yet and let us all UNITE against these continuing Goliath tyrannies.



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