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In case you missed it, there have been on-going, world-wide protests against a U.S. war in
Iraq. Here are just some gleaned from a great site: (for this, I typed "anti war")

Nov 23, 2002 8:55 pm US/Eastern
(KYW 1060) (PHILADELPHIA) The potential war with Iraq drew thousands of people
into Philadelphia's city streets on Saturday.

Approximately three thousand people were marching down Market Street, protesting a
potential war with Iraq.....

Dec. !
Members of the activist group Students For Peace held an anti-war rally at Stephen F.
Austin State University in Nacogdoches on Wednesday. It was part of a nationwide
anti-war campaign.

Demonstrators March Against War on Iraq
Anti-War Demonstrators March in Australia to Protest Against Possible War on Iraq
The Associated Press
SYDNEY, Australia Dec. 1 — More than 18,000 anti-war demonstrators gathered in
Australia's major cities over the weekend to protest against the nation's possible
involvement in a war on Iraq.

Turks Protest Possible War in Iraq
With Anti-War Sentiment Running High, About 10,000 Turks Protest Possible U.S.-Led
War in Iraq
The Associated Press

ISTANBUL, Turkey Dec. 1 — Waving balloons emblazoned with peace signs, about
10,000 people took part in a protest Sunday against a U.S.-led war in neighboring Iraq.
NATO-member Turkey is a close U.S. ally, but anti-war sentiment is running high.
Officials here are reluctant to support military action against Iraq, and have not
committed to allowing the use of Turkish territory or air bases crucial to any U.S. war



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