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Disappointed in YOU and Chicago Indymedia

About BS "pretend" activists who do nothing and pretend websites.
You should be ashamed, really, for doing not-much during one of the worst time of troubles.

Activists? No.

You talk about war and Osama, etc, at a time when our basic freedoms are being taken away, literally every week. BS Departments like Homeland Security are being developed. The Total Information Awareness office is in the works.

You're doing just what the 'president' and his crew want you to do. BECOME DISTRACTED.

While you were busy focusing on the war or some not-as-important issue, or even listening to the latest 'terror warning', our Mother was being raped. And you certainly don't give a damn.

Have you all been asleep? Do you not understand what is going on? Are you in a state of shock?

Also, this website hasn't been updated in nearly a month. (As if nothing has happened? What about November 19th?) The format is weak, right along with the stories. Not a single mention about TIA and the killing of the 4th amendment.

My disgust for my fellow activists (or shall I say 'inactivists') who talk about the least important matters is immense. Most of you are just talk, and you know it. We are being continuously raped, and most of us are more concerned about our aggressor's two sisters in Cairo.

The word to describe them all: sad.



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