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Neo-Nazis and Klan Confronted in Milwaukee (despite the actions of some)

The Short and Sweet of Opposition to the NSM, WCOTC, NKKKK rally in Milwaukee 11/23.

About 50 neo-nazi’s and other “white racial loyalists” gathered in Milwaukee on the 23rd of November. Their presence was met by 500+ anti-racists, including ARA activists, who were not content to sit idly by while these fascists spewed their filth. Unfortunately some of those organized in opposition to the nazis and klan were quite content to merely shout tired liberal slogans (e.g.-“stop the hate, stop the violence”) while actively discouraging other anti-racists from more direct forms of confrontation. This Take A Stand Against the Klan “Coalition” and their self-imposed “peace police” pushed, shoved, and verbally harassed anyone who tried to get closer to the cordon separating the mass of protestors from the fascists. Additionally they found ARA banners, with such innocuous sayings as: “When Fascists Attack, We Fight Back!”, to be too “provocative” and actively attempted to block and ban such messages within “their” rally. Their vocalizing of ownership of the rally is telling, for in truth the rally “belongs” to the fascists; opposition to the fascist rally obviously belongs to ALL who oppose them. Enough is Enough! These liberal “pacifists” who continue to aggressively work with the cops (encouraging the presence of undercovers, and snitching people in the crowd to police) and foist their agenda onto others MUST be made to respect the diversity of tactics available for anti-racist activism. The vast majority of those assembled in Milwaukee against the fascists sought to actively confront them and, despite the actions of the aforementioned few, did so.

As could be expected as anti-racists raised their voices in opposition, the Nazis message was made as inaudible as it is repugnant. During the rally community youth pelted the fascists with eggs. After the rally broke up several fascists were physically confronted by ARA and other indignant anti-racist community members. The fascists were made to feel unwelcome in Milwaukee and will continue to be confronted wherever they are!

If you have pictures, license plate #s and other info on the nazis please send them to ARA at ara_chicago (at)

Copy of ARA-Chicago flyer follows:

Shut the Fascists Down!

Anti-Racist Action joins with all those taking a stand against racism and fascism.

The Ku Klux Klan, neo-nazis, and anti-woman fundamentalists are not things of the past--they remain a threat today in several ways.

First, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-nazis (like the National Alliance and the Church of the Creator), and anti-abortion fundamentalists still carry out fascist terror attacks, including assaults and murder. Their targets are African-Americans, immigrants, Jewish people, the LGBT community, feminists, and anti-racist activists. In 1998 two members of Anti-Racist Action were tortured and murdered by nazi boneheads in Las Vegas.

Second, these fascists influence the mainstream public political debate by criminalizing the Black community, promoting armed anti-immigrant border guards, and attempting to shut down women's health facilities.

Mainstream politicians have supported these stances--stances that were first raised and tested by fascists--and sometimes implemented them as policy.

Third, the fascists recruit and agitate in white working-class communities that have good reason to be dissatisfied with the status quo.

But instead of targeting powerful corporations, or police brutality, or sexist and homophobic repression, they point blame at Jewish or Black people or the queer community. These arguments further divide communities that are in need of agreement if our real enemies are to be defeated.

We do not believe the police or politicians will be much use in fighting the KKK, the nazis, or other fascists. In some cases, the police actively help the nazis. Where they oppose them, they help build their credibility as an alternative to the system. In most cases, politicians preach that we should just ignore the KKK, but we know this is a deadly mistake. The politicians just don't want the trouble of communities actively challenging the fascists in the streets.

Anti-Racist Action organizes to confront and defeat the fascist threat. We use education, cultural events, direct action and other forms of creative resistance. We understand the need to organize and support broader anti-racist and justice struggles as well.

Where we can, we will try and stop the KKK, the neo-nazis, and anti-woman fundamentalists. We will organize to shut down their organizing and defend ourselves from their attacks.

If you feel the need to build uncompromising resistance to the fascists and all systems of domination, join with ARA, or start your own group.


1) WE GO WHERE THEY GO: Whenever fascists are organizing or active in public, we're there. We don't believe in ignoring them or staying away from them. Never let the nazis have the street!

2) WE DON'T RELY ON THE COPS OR THE COURTS TO DO OUR WORK FOR US: This doesn't mean we never go to court. But we must rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and stop the fascists.

3) NON-SECTARIAN DEFENSE OF OTHER ANTI-FASCISTS: In ARA, we have lots of different groups and individuals. We don't agree about everything and we have a right to differ openly. But in this movement an attack on one is an attack on us all. We stand behind each other.

4) We support abortion rights and reproductive freedom. ARA intends to do the hard work necessary to build a broad, strong movement against racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, discrimination against the disabled, the oldest, the youngest and the most oppressed people. WE INTEND TO WIN!

ARA CHICAGO : 1573 N. Milwaukee #486, Chicago IL 60622

(312) 409.1432 : ara_chicago (at) :



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