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Big Brother in the US? Look at these photos!

Do "Patriot" and "Homeland" look like BIG BROTHER to you? Then look at this! Compare the photos below by row (not column) to see what may have been the most monstrously criminal abuse of government during your lifetime. The American people weren't merely lied to; they were ripped off in a way that few ever suspected, victims of a fraud that would have allowed a select few complete impunity to arrange the assassinations and commit mass murder-- right here in the good old USA...
Howard Hughes and former CIA chief Richard Helms -- the same person? If the photos you're looking at don't lie (they come from credible sources) then something is terribly wrong in recent histories. But how could such a thing have happened? All too easily, apparently. Bush's slide toward Big Brother today is premised on earlier suspension, in perpetuity, of the Constitution.

Rockefellers appear to have arranged a cover identity for Howard Hughes in order to gain direct control over intelligence assets. They appear to have created a Frankenstein who ran amok and was involved in the assassinations and mob money schemes. This is a story of conflict of interest, political assassinations, and a handful of super-rich Du Ponts in Delaware who may be among the most ruthlessly criminal manipulators of our time.

Click on this link: to see the double identity photo comparisons and a discussion of what may be THE sleeper case of the late 20th century.



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