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New York City Walk-Out: 2,000 Students Block Broadway, Fill Union Square
[NYC Indymedia] Today, November 20th was the Not In Our Name National Student/Youth Day of Action Against The War. Here at ‘Ground Zero’ thousands of New York City high school and college students gathered in solidarity to say “NO, NOT IN OUR NAME” to the war on Iraq. Over 2,000 strong the youth took the entire street of Broadway. We did this in the face of threats from administration, campus security that tried to block them at the doors, talk of suspension, and all kinds of other wack shit. We rallied at Union Square, till our numbers swelled so much we just HAD to take it to the streets.... As one of the MC’s said, “We took Union Square without a permit... We permitted ourselves to take history into our own hands!”

NYC IndyMedia Photos
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Students countywide (Sonoma, California) protest war

[Santa Rosa Press Democrat] Groups from Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sebastopol high schools, Sonoma State University leave classes to express opposition to attack on Iraq

Sonoma County high school and college students walked out of classes Wednesday to protest a possible war against Iraq, part of a national demonstration for peace.

About 300 students gathered to listen to speeches and sing protest songs at Sonoma State University. Three hundred high school students marched to Santa Rosa's Old Courthouse Square. Police stopped an attempted sit-in at the military recruiting offices on Mendocino Avenue by a small number of students. [Actually, on the way to Courthouse Square, the crowd actually marched into and took over the military recruiting office]

Smaller protests occurred on other high school campuses, including Analy High School in Sebastopol and Petaluma High School.

The rallies and marches were part of a national Student Day of Resistance initiated by Not in Our Name...

Columbus, Ohio Student Walk-out
On Wed Nov. 20th the Columbus Not in Our Name group called for a student walk-out of classes and a rally and march around campus. Between 30-40 people gathered on the oval for the rally. Once people gathered we all read the pledge of resistance together, some people seeing it for the very first time. Afterwards we marched through campus, taking one side of the street throughout the entire march. There were spirited chants the entire way also. Many people were drawn to the window to see what was happening. Afterwards people hung around talking about what we needed to do next and other upcoming events. Overall it was a wonderful initial event for Columbus Not in Our Name.

San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area
San Francsico State students did drum circle and University of California Berkeley students got out thousands of stickers, "Not in Our Name! We won't fight your war!" University of San Francisco students held events on campus.

[San Francisco Chronicle] March against Marine recruitment on campus - Eight young people, most San Francisco City College students, were detained by police outside a Marine recruitment center near the campus Wednesday after a short protest [by dozens of students]. (SF Chronicle photo)

30 American students in Paris, France held a "Pas en notre nom" protest.

Reports are coming in from from Chico, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, Miami, Hawaii and beyond...check back!

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