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Repression & Resistance 2002 - Conference and Workshops

A lesson from history is that we must resist before it's too late!
Emergency Conference!
Repression & Resistance Conference 2002
Conference and Workshops

SATURDAY, NOV. 23, 2002
9:00:a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
565 W. Adams St.

The Program

Michel Shehadeh: Supporter of Palestinian people threatened with deportation for a decade, now reinvestigated under USA Patriot Act; former
West Coast Reg. Dir., Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Comm.

C. Clark Kissinger: Member of the National Council of Refuse & Resist!, an organizer of Not In Our Name Statement of Conscience, long time fighter for political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Lynne Stewart: A people’s lawyer indicted for conspiracy based on her legal representation of an Islamic cleric. This is meant to intimidate other lawyers from representing people targeted by the state.

Adam Schwartz: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

WORKSHOPS (with partial list of speakers:

Attacks on Arabs, Muslims and South Asians: Matt Piers
Benevolence International Foundation attorney), Jim Fennerty (NLG)

International Solidarity in the Crosshairs: Vicky Cervantes (Columbia Solidarity Comm.), Jennifer Asidao League of Filipino Students), Mahmud Ahmad (Free Palestine Alliance)

History of Wartime Repression & Resistance: Sam Ozaki
interned in WWII US concentration camp), Michael Deutsch
People’s Law Office), Standish Willis (Nat’l Conf. of Black Lawyers)

Youth on the Frontlines: Street-Level Media, Ora Schub
(attorney, Northwestern Univ. Juvenile Justice Clinic)
Under Attack on the Job, in Our Communities: Fred Tsao
(IL Coal. Immigrant & Refugee Rights); Emma Lozano (Sin Fronteras); Beauty Turner (Oct. 22/Stolen Lives Proj.); David Williams (AFSCME Council 31)

Big Brother is Watching: Don Goldhamer (Chicago Comm. to
Defend the Bill of Rights); Ann Christopherson (Pres., American Booksellers Association); Lynne Stewart
The Criminalization of Dissent: Prof. Len Cavise (DePaul University); Rocky Pysgoty (TABD protest organizer)

Dedicated to the memory and example
of Reverend Mike Yasutake

To endorse Repression & Resistance 2002
e-mail your organization’s name, address, phone, and
contact information to: NoWarNoRepression (at)
or call 312-939-0675 for more information.
By mail contact the conference committee
c/o Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights
1325 S. Wabash, Suite 105 - Chicago, IL 60605

Funds Needed!
$25 suggested for endorsement
$10/sliding scale registration fee

PDF Flyer - please distribute widely



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