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Menn United for Peace

To let the world know that not all men are warmongerers and that it is not nurturance is not weakness, we want to change our culture...
Is anyone up for a Men United for Peace? I'm not sure when it is, but we could start it on International Men's Day.
I think that it's important people know men suffer from war too, because their society has conscripted them to go through military training they often end up with very bad mental issues that go unresolved. Historically men are descripted as the perpetrators, and thus somehow the beneficiaries of warfare and other forms of violence. I think the world needs to know that we ALL suffer, and that there are no beneficiaries.
Men have suffered too long in this society which has taught them that they must be callous, tough, and unemotional, that there is not a role in the family for them as nurturing caregivers. Our culture has instead awarded the men material benefits over women, but this is not a replacement for that loss of spiritual/emotive connection to the family/community unit that suffers.
Menn, as we should now write it, need to come forth and refuse to participate in this system that denies our full agency. We need to demand that we allow our rightful places in society that we have been denied from. We should look to the Womyn pioneers of feminism and become kindergarten teachers, Registered Nurses, be able to set up day cares, to be secretaries, etc., without suffering intimidation as inferior for lack of femininity from patriarchal men, or women , whether those women have 'overcome' patriarchy through climbing the pecking order of power, or women still stuck as victims of patriarchy and have not achieved their full agency.
I wished I could write a final piece of wisdom that would fend off attacks of women in particular who fear that their enclave of victimhood may be transgressed by my Call to Action for Menn but the best I can do is to say that this is NOT a call to claim victimhood, it is a call to transcend victimhood through positive civil initiative and to thus change the status quo of our culture.
Thank you, Carlos



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