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terror flight school owner implicated in 'protected' drug trafficking ring

Mohamed Atta snorted coke; Seized Learjet came from same source as Barry Seal's.

Mounting evidence in the investigation into the terror flight schools in Venice FL is raising questions of whether an officially-sanctioned drug trafficking operation there discouraged the FBI from taking action against the terrorists that might have averted the World Trade Center disaster.
The author asked that his story not be reprinted without permission. Hopsicker has been doing a fantastic job of investigating the florida angle to 911, and i figure he deserves the web traffic.

This story fills a huge piece of the 911 puzzle. Why the FBI couldn't get the investigation right concerning when the terroist entered the country, what they did and where they went.

It also shows that the FBI was hip to the shenanigans all along. Quote of one Huffman Aviation insider... "They knew what was going on here. Hell, they were parked in a white van outside my house less than four hours after the buildings collapsed."

Here's a hint, think CIA, drugs and terror training. I recomend you read all of Daniel's articles, but particularly...

which talks about kathrine harris and jeb bush getting free rides from, and offering kudos to Florida (Drug) Air.

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