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Israel kills Two Year-Old And Eight-Year-Old

Just more Palestinian children killed by Israel. This time a two year old, and an eight year old . Let's see, that would be a toddler, just learning to talk and a second grader, maybe missing two front teeth, smiling, but wait, they're not Israeli, it doesn't matter.....

Palestinians: 2-year-old boy killed by IDF fire in Gaza

By Arnon regular, Ha'aretz Correspondent and agencies

IDF soldiers shot dead a two-year-old boy on Monday night west of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, and wounded three civilians, Palestinian witnesses reported.

Witnesses said that Israeli soldiers stationed at one of the settlements outside Rafah had suddenly opened fire at Tul Al Sultan, a residential neighborhood in the town. Eye witnesses said the area had been quiet at the time of the shooting.

Medical sources at Rafah Hospital said the two-year-old, Nafez Meshaal, was shot in the abdomen and the two of the wounded were in moderate condition.

Earlier Monday, medical sources said that an eight-year-old boy, shot by Israeli troops last month in Rafah, died of his wounds. Mohammed Najja was shot and critically wounded on October 17 as IDF soldiers opened fire in Rafah....




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