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New Freedom Bus Tour is on its way to Chicago.

The New Freedom Bus Tour is traveling around the country from November 10 - December 12th. Visit the KWRU website for complete details.
The New Freedom Bus Tour is traveling across the United States for a month bringing attention to communities struggling for Economic Human Rights.
A diverse group representing organizations of the poor from across the country is carrying the message of Economic Human Rights around the country and, on December 12th, to the United Nations in New York City
The Bus tour is gathering documention of economic human rights violations occuring in the United States to update our petition charging the US government with human rights violations against its citizens.
Today the bus tour began in Philadelphia with a rally for the Right to Health Care. Poor and homeless families joined with health care workers, physicians, medical students and others- chanting "speak up America: healthcare is our right," and "healthcare not warfare" hundreds of people marched through the streets of Philadelphia. The bus will arrive in Chicago on Tuesday November 12. Please visit our website for more details.



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