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Video of TABD demonstration

This is a a video of the anit-TABD demonstration on Thursday Nov. 7th, 2002. This is the low, low, low quality version, but hopefuly anyone with internet access can see it.
This is the movie. Hopefully it will upload ok. If not, e-mail me for a copy. This version is really, really shitty something like 40kbps hopefully I can get a better version soon.

Features speaches from Sarita Gupta of Jobs with Justice, ? from Illinois Peace Action, ? from the Chicago Coalition against War and Racism, a minister, a striking Azteca Tortilla worker, and the UFCW, look for the "Nasty Boys" Dance troupe, Phil "blood sucking" Condit, and lots of police, signs, puppets, drums and protesters. The music at the end is from Sepultura's Nation

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University of Chicago
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