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Hunter S. Thompson on 9-11 (MP3 and RealAudio)

Thompson discusses 9-11 and also, rabid patriotism that blinds people from thinking straight: All on Australian Broadcasting Corporation (because American media is scared shitless of the angry mob our nation has become ;-)

Gonzo journalist Thompson was interviewed on Australian Broadcasting
Corporation on August 29, 2002.  It's a fantastic interview --
entertaining.  What's unique about it is that he is among the first major
U.S. journalists to comment about complicity, but it appears that he just came
to the idea without doing much reading.  It almost seems like he's not
really keeping up with the mountains of evidence and research that has been
produced by independent researchers.  That's what's charming about the
interview -- that and the fact that it's classic Thompson.

Someone posted a nice story about the interview over on SF Indymedia. 
Click here to pull it up: 
It has the transcript and the link to Australian Broadcasting Corporation
streaming file.

You can also grab the MP3 version someone was gracious enough to create by
going here:





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