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Bush Daddy Macing

Mace leave no trace?
My Daddy said that the macing of Bob was not to be ignored, so I went and looked up what usually passes off as mace; alpha-Chloroacetophenone, which comes under a number of names. There is very little on the toxicity of mace to the skin. Until I started wearing a pair of sweat pants under my pants, the second degree mace burns kept spreading. I suspect that this chemical also causes impotence by causing the testicles to atrophy, for it causes the testicles to retract to an extreme. What I'm saying is that the scrotum shrinks up to an extreme from exposure to mace. Anyhow the problem has progressed to an extreme up here because the gad-damnned Gar-Gan Tribe apparently got ahold of a whole truck-load of handheld Mace cartridges. Toxicity reports on Mace from the sixties were ignored as Bush Daddy Tribe stocked up on these free cartridges. They pass them out like condoms at self-defense lectures, etc. This is Creative NonViolence (33468) because the defective goosesteppers can kill you with mace without touching you. On the other hand, the whole thing might just be a ruse to drum up business for the dermatologist. "You look like you could use a few hundred in ointments and lotions!" "I know somebody who can help you with that rash!" This stuff is like poison ivy, except you can scratch it before you lotion it. Scratch lightly! These are second degree burns on the basis of the length of time that skin remains red. Maybe it is permanent to some extent. This whole shenanigan is probably brought to you by the modern medicine racket (212672). A distraction! To murder you spare time or to keep you busy while Bush Daddy's "nation of poopheads" (166317), led by the modified stupidity of Bush Daddy's kid, makes their play for world domination via the strength of their stupidity.

Meanwhile Bush Daddy has been trying to determine if he, as Great Dead King of Israel, could keep his whole Cabinet alive with worms (206845) in a tent in Bethel. Send BDT to Hooterville (29190), a genuine religious festival, dedicated to the fulfillment of prophecy (Luke 1:45), assuring that the fool will be called noble no more (Is. 32:5). There is a Path That Leads To Life at the Love Festivals of Hooterville, and the dummkopf Nazi Israelite-wannabes can learn what it means to live or die to the Lord of the earth (Rom. 14:8). Those who forsake the Bear Lord will be put to shame. This episode of the Bush Daddy "doxology" has been brought to you by this unrelenting attempt to mace the ace, change the set times and laws, and fight the prophecy that BDT has chosen to dance with. Note: I will continue to refer to pertinent articles even though I just listed all major articles, to date, in "Bush Daddy Ramification" (214413).

PS: Mace is apparently a crystaline (oily?) substance that can be spread by contact; thus sterile techniques become necessary to survive in your own clothing.

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger



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