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Marches against TABD a success and are fun!

The protests are a success despite siting of the hated paper-sellers.
The march on Thursday was full of energy and creativity. It was nothing like Chicago has ever seen before. Long gone were the formal long speeches. Long gone were the boring chants. Singing, druming and fun chanting filled the atmosphere on the streets of Chicago.
Interupted only seldomly by ISO, Spartacists and whoever sells the Worker newspaper, who were trying to use this event to their advantage and not stopping practicing capitalism even for a moment!
But Friday was a huge success considering only 3-4 weeks of organizing and high tensions. I truly believe people came away inspired and for once had FUN! Dancing circles and drumming were heard everywhere as thousands of police were lining up on every corner and every street.
Friday was as far as I know, totally paperselling free!!
Free food was shared and anarchists, activists and others marched through the streets spreading the messege of anti-corporatization and complete waste of money that Chicago was putting its taxpayers through.
Though chants like "whose streets? our streets!" while on the side walk are kinda stupid, "Drop Bush, not bombs" has its appeal.
Some observers chanted, some jeered, some cheered, and some joined the march. People were mostly young but of diverse backgrounds. My favorite part was when on Michigan ave people decided to march against traffic and therefore making the police disoriented and forcing them to turn around.
Soooo... a bunch of kids marched through city of Chicago, unescorted by police, and ... NOTHING happened! So the riot gear, and the horses, and helicopters and police boats were really an overkill and a total waste of money. The goal of the anarchists was to get the messege out!
Two girls got arrested for riding on the road, not against the light and not against traffic. Now they are being charged with felonies!
So after spending who knows how many thousands if not millions of dollars spent on guarding private companies the police were sick of running after a bunch of activists and decided to show what they got. After all, you have to justify it somehow.
Anyhow, thank you all for coming out and cheering!
This has forever spoiled me and I hope it did the rest of you. No more boring marches and long speeches! Let people be creative and STOP the paperselling! Be there for a cause not for high sales!



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