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Concerns with corporate media: You speak truth on your rips on us, but don't bash us completely. We aren't your enemy.

First off, we read your sites and listen to your concerns. As a camera operator I won't deny that the networks we work for and get paid by are owned by other major corporate companies. HOWEVER, don't judge us based on who WE are. Many of us that you see behind the camera our UNION operators and technicians, working our ass off for either entertainment (from sports/concerts) to news.

If you have complaints against certain networks, contact them directly, and continue (by all means) to spread your concerns and anger on sites like these.

I followed many of you Thursday and Friday, and many of you were cool, addressing real concerns against the TABD. However, there were some that enjoyed harrasing me and my fellow colleagues (other members of the press) pushing us, and a few spat on us.

And please know that the next time you decide to push or harrass a photographer from the press, it doesn't make you look good.

Also, know that WE the PRESS are addressing concerns regarding the TABD, such as: will BOEING be willing to pay for some of the police force we saw out there? After all, they provided protection for their meeting. How much will it all cost the Chicago public, etc, etc? We also know that there is possibility of war coming, and that many corportations that profit from war are a part of the military industrial complex.....such as those represented by the TABD. The TABD conference itself was off limits to the members of the press. Any of the shots we got of them were during their "meal breaks"

We also noted some of the arrests, and as for Mike Durschmid's arrest, WLS-TV (ABC 7) got his soundbite explaining his concern. I also was informed that Mike was arrested after he was taking some pictures of another individual who was actually instigating a fight amongst fellow protestors.

Some of you talked to us intelligently, and we aired your stories, we thank you. If it didn't air, as a camera man, I'm sorry, but I just shoot it, its up to the producer ultimately.

We also noticed Friday that there were more cops then protestors, and that you fooled the cops in losing them, and that the crowd was predominately a handful of students, and another handful of older adults.

I also noticed that at the original meeting plaza, you set up food for anybody.

If you wanna address any other concerns to the media directly, please try. You contact any of the agencies from Associated Press to the networks simply by hitting their web sites.

Good luck to you guys in the future, and please know that there are faces behind those cameras, treat us with respect, and we will try to objectively air your concerns.



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