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Covert military ops ordered for North Korea?

I cut and pasted this article from the main IMC newswire. This could be VERY IMPORTANT.


ALERT! Secret US Military Ops in NORTH KOREA? (english)
anon 11:50am Fri Nov 8 '02 (Modified on 4:15pm Fri Nov 8 '02) article#215832

Are these people insane? Help needed now! Maybe if the cover is blown, this operation, whatever it is, can be nipped in the bud.

As anecdotal as this information is, I felt it was too important to let it slide. At work today (small DoD contractor in Northern Virginia), Mr. X's wife calls all upset; she says "plainclothes police" (her words, not mine) had been to the house asking all kinds of questions, and wanted to know about a family friend Mr. Y. Mr. X calms her down and says he'll explain it all to her later. Over lunch, he tells a group of us that Mr. Y is in Special Forces and just returned from a tour of duty in the "stans". Mr. Y has signed up for a new operation he told Mr. X is to be mounted in North Korea, and gave Mr. X's name as a reference for the required Top Secret clearance. Mr. X tells us the "plainclothes cops" were probably from the DoD or FBI, and their visit had caught his wife completely by surprise since Mr. X had neglected to tell her Mr. Y had given their name as a reference. Some discussion ensued about what the secret operation in North Korea was all about. Mr. X didn't know any details, but said he had no reason to doubt Mr. Y's statement since he's a career soldier and has been involved in "hush-hush stuff" before. Mr. Y had told him on no uncertain terms that an operation in Norh Korea is what he needs the Top Secret clearance for.

That's pretty much it, but I have to tell you I know Mr. X (I've met Mr. Y, but don't know him well), and I have no doubt that the madmen in the White House are getting ready to deploy Special Forces personnel in North Korea. This is a friggin covert MILITARY operation, as opposed to the usual CIA stuff. Are these people CRAZY? Like Iraq isn't bad enough?!?

If an invasion of Iraq is illegal, this would almost be worse. If this is what's going on, I don't feel the slightest bit "unpatriotic" for blowing the lid off before it gets started. The clowns running this show have got to be the most dangerous bunch in recent history - if they have their way, they'll preside over the end of the world.

Please pass this info along and see if we can get a few people demanding answers and at least trying to hold these bastards to account. Anyone with information that adds to this, please share!

I'm only posting this (once) on the main IMC site. If a few people could copy and paste it to the others it would help preserve anonymity.

To IMC: Please delete the IP log so I don't have to worry about getting a "visit" from these people myself. Don't want to wind up being declared an "enemy combatant" or something.

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