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Anarchists Bring Anti-CEO, Pro-Worker Message to Sidewalks

CHICAGO, Nov. 8 (IMC) - Chanting "Drop Bush, Not Bombs!" 100 students and A-Zone-affiliated protestors converged their dual marches at Federal Plaza this evening instead of at Daley Plaza, their originally planned starting point.
Drumming, cymbal clashes and periodic slogan yelling set the beat for this march of mostly white, mainly anarchist youth and supporters who denounced the ongoing Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue meeting of international corporate heads as greedy and fascist.

"1, 2, 3, 4 / No - Blood - For - Oil," shouted protestors on cue as they headed up LaSalle.

Bicycle police officers and tactical units constrained marchers to sidewalks at almost all points of the route, as protestors passed through the financial district, up LaSalle and Clark through River North, their northbound progress on Rush stopped by police in front of the Nordstroms overhang. Commanding officers consulted with lead marchers who expressed their desire to proceed north, then east on Ohio to Michigan, subsequently turning south, then west on Randolph.

"This is what democracy looks like," shouted the protestors, referring to themselves. "That is what a police state looks like," referring to the bicycle officers, police vans and paddy wagons lining the street. They continued, stopping to rally at the Picasso sculpture inside the double-fenced-ringed Daley Plaza before resuming south to Federal Plaza and beyond.

People Over Profits shared overhead space with No War and Start Seeing Iraqi Children, a reference to the estimated half million children and infants who have passed away, lacking food and medical care as a result of US sanctions and regular bombings since the 1991 Gulf War.

"Join us, join us," admonished one man to police officers and passers-by, telling a group of construction workers at Michigan and Wacker that the TABD's political agenda is anti-union. "We're out here for you, too," he explained.



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