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I'm giving the media a B+ so far. they get a B for the coverage, and a + for the effort on the TABD Protests.
Amazingly, the local media is doing a fairly good job covering the TABD protests. They are presenting, albeit in soundbyte fashion, the issues. Not only the position of the CEO's but of protestors..

What's neat is the fact that the passersby they interview seem to be more concerned with the police overkill than anything else.

The line in to the reporters could use some work though..they get the locations wrong and show up to cover protests where there is nothing happening. somebody's giving them bad info. to be expected.. the deepest covers are usually part of the organizing efforts. they probably trust the cops to tell them the truth too.

They seem to be getting away from calling the protesters 'anti-globalization activists', which is refreshing. That's such an annoying innacuracy.

The issue of the TABD being non-democratic, and a threat to local power is actually getting into the newscasts.

Worker rights, sweatshops, environmental policy, all of this is making it into the clips.

It's kind of weird!

Are they beginning to come around?

let's not hold our breath.... but keep talking to them! thank them for their work!!!



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