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MEDIA ADVISORY: Corporate Newspaper Buries Important Story

MEDIA ADVISORY: Corporate Newspaper Buries Important Story

It's 6:22 am. I'm reading my local newspaper and getting
more angry each minute.
Huge news around town has been the "El Rey Drug Raid"
where dozens of Milwaukee Police officers served a "NoKnock"
style warrant on a grocery store for selling non-United States
Today's story is a large development in this case. What you
are about to read was buried by the corporate media on page
Complicitous bastards!

Complaint Filed Over El Rey Raid Seeks Probe Of 'Violent' Actions


Attorneys for 25 workers at the El Rey grocery store and tortilla
factory filed a complaint Thursday with the Milwaukee Fire and
Police Commission alleging police used excessive force when they
raided the businesses for antibiotic drugs.
The complaint asks that the commission investigate and discipline
officers and Police Chief Jones for their "improper, violent, and
intimidating actions in executing a search warrant against the
El Rey grocery store and tortilla factory on Sept. 18."
Jones said there had been a "rush to judgment" about the search
warrant. Two El Rey employees and three workers at El Campesino
were arrested but later released.
"The Milwaukee Police Department, since I've become chief, has
been open to receiving any complaints of misconduct against any
member, and I have said that any complaint against any member
would be thoroughly investigated," Jones said Thursday.
Jones has stated that the officers involved in the incident
followed a generally prescribed protocol when police execute
a search warrant for drugs.
Asked whether he believes the officers did anything wrong,
Jones said, "I have no evidence, no information and no specific
allegations that the officers engaged in any misconduct."
The complaint alleges police "far exceeded the scope of their
narrow warrant," which was to search the store and tortilla
factory for prescription antibiotics, such as ampicillin and
naproxen, sales receipts, order forms, labels and shipping
Jones said 58 officers were involved in a raid of El Rey,
1023 S. Chavez Drive; the tortilla factory, 1530 S. Muskego
Ave.; and El Campesino grocery store, 635 W. Greenfield Ave.

Journal Sentinel reporter Jessica McBride contributed to
this report.



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