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Safeway Corporate Abuse of Dominick's Employee Rights

Safeway is on the attack - and Chicagoland Dominick's workers are the latest targets. 9,000 loyal Dominick's workers are attempting to bargain a fair contract with the supermarket giant. The workers are represented by UFCW Locals 881 and 1546.
Safeway bought the Dominick's chain three years ago, cut over 20,000 customer service hours that hurt workers and hurt business. Now, Safeway (the most profitable and effiecient supermarket operator in the country expects Dominick's workers to take huge concessions that would destroy the lives of current employees and leave future workers with inferior wages and benefits.

What kinds of concessions are we talking about? Safeway wants to cut medical and healthcare benefits for its workers with expectations that the employees will pick up the tab for such services, vital for the health and well being of their families.

Workers in the Chicagoland area continue to meet with the company and will vote on Safeway's final offer on Sunday, November 10th.

If the strike vote is finalized, Greens will stand ready to offer its support for the Dominick's family of employees. The Green Party is committed to the principle of fair labor (as a human rights issue) and condemn corporate tactics, like that employed by Safeway, on local family-owned businesses like Dominick's, treading on hard working men and women like Lorrie Stokas.

Lorrie Stokas is a an everyday American hero. She is currently employed at a Chicagoland suburban Dominicks. She's a tough woman of great endurance and passion - to offer her children all that she could afford of her being. She raised a wonderful, loving family with two sons raised to be responsible and compassionate members of society. Despite the hardships faced by the bully-tactics of Safeway, Lorrie succeeded in putting her two sons through college. Her oldest just graduated from law school. Her youngest, struggling successfully through the rigors on the road to an undergraduate degree. To add to that, Lorrie, herself attends community college!!! We have a responsibility to ensure that mothers like Lorrie, who only want the best for her children and will sacrifice herself to work long hours to pay for education, are not failed. It is our duty to protect the dignity of families, like that raised by Lorrie, from being tread upon by big corporations who only think of profits (blinded and made ignorant to the reality that their business has a human face to it).

This is a call to all those interested in the well being of the families affected by the outrageous, underhanded evil tactics of the Safeway Corporation. Join workers at the picket lines to send a clear message to "Big Business" that they can't bully the little guys into submission.

Picketing dates will be announced after the strike vote.



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