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Announcing civil disobedience beginning now until the World Series.

Announcing civil disobedience beginning now until the World Series.

I seek volunteers to go to exhibition baseball games beginning now in Florida. Bring a hideable but readable cloth sign simply stating "Resign Mr. Bush" If you can get a seat behind home plate and get it shown on Television then even better.

Baseball season will start early in April. Fraud W Bush will go to Milwaukee Wisconsin to watch the Milwaukee Brewers play the Cincinnati Reds. Let's show the Fraud a warm welcome with people bring hideable but readable cloth signs stating "Resign Mr. Bush" that people can see in the stadium and on television.

I encourage people in all major league cities to go to your opening day baseball games with these signs stating "Resign Mr. Bush"

I hope Votermarch and other organizations will also encourage people to do this sign protest at baseball games from exhibiton season to opening day throughout the season and the World Series. We need to embarrass Fraud W Bush at the great American game of Baseball.

If you will definitely will go to opening day baseball games especially in Milwaukee, when Fraud W Bush will go, then email me.

I continue to also tell people to have nothing to do with the following companies and write to them demanding your agenda and to have them relay your agenda to the Republican Congress and Fraud W Bush.

Companies to boycott

Coca Cola
Pepsi Cola
Shell Oil
American Express
JC Penney
Dell Computers
Florida and Texas Oranges, Grapefruits, Orange juice and Grapefruit juice
and Florida and Texas Tourism

Thank you.

Winston Smith

"One resigNATION under Fraud"



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