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Chicago: Anti-capitalism demo

Reuters, AP via ProletarianNews 6:23pm Thu Nov 7 '02

Reuters (with additional material by AP). 7 November 2002. Chicago police outnumber trade meeting protesters.

CHICAGO -- A group of anti-globalization protesters marched peacefully Thursday under the watchful eye of hundreds of police in riot gear charged with keeping demonstrators away from the TransAtlantic World Business Dialogue CEO Conference.

Police outnumbered protesters along the carefully planned route, and officers blocked off streets, banned street parking downtown, placed cameras to videotape the protests and threatened lawsuits to recover any damages demonstrators might cause.

Some 70 executives and senior government officials from the United States and Europe gathered at a tightly secured Chicago hotel for closed-door meetings to discuss ways to free up trade across the Atlantic.

"We're out here to distribute socialist ideas," said Gregg Brown, one in the crowd of protesters handing out fliers for the Spartacus Youth Club. "We recognize the people out here are angry at the TABD because of the capitalist organization and mind-set."

Representing a hodgepodge of causes, other youthful protesters sported costumes on a relatively warm November evening, including a group with prison stripes calling themselves "capitalist criminals."

Others carried signs reading, "No War in Iraq," and "People Not Profits."

Protesters said the business leaders are insulated and ignore issues such as worker salaries, the environment and exploitation of the undeveloped world.

"There's a tremendous amount of concern with a summit like this happening with respect to other voices being heard beyond corporate interests," said Sarita Gupta, a member of Chicago Jobs with Justice, at a news conference on the eve of the meeting.



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