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Chicago Peacefully Protests Boeing, Militarization, Attacks on Jobs

CHICAGO, Nov. 7 (IMC) - Two arrests are reported from a march of 2000-3000 Chicagoans who applauded anti-war, anti-Boeing and pro-worker speakers who addressed the crowd outside of Boeing headquarters at Washington and Riverfront Plaza this evening.
Organizers used double bullhorns on a board to emphasize their decision and the crowd's implicit agreement to use peaceful tactics on the march which traveled east on Washington and north on Michigan, ending just north of the river.

Demonstrators expressed grave concerns with Boeing's thirst for profits at the expense of bombed civilians, lost city tax revenue and laid-off workers.

For many it was their first demonstration, one flanked at all times by baton- and gun-toting police officers in full riot gear, separating the street marchers from sidewalks and march-watchers on both sides.

One speaker addressed the corporate media directly, telling them to make sure they reported on the protestors' issues and the facts of the march, while criticizing print and broadcast outlets for previously anticipating property damage and showing clips of window-smashers from Seattle, 1999.

Marchers held up signs saying People Not Profits, Wal-Mart Is A Bad Neighbor and stressed the need for worker unity against layoffs and a government emphasis on militarization at home and abroad.



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