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over 2500 march in first anti-TABD action

over 2500 march for global justice in first anti-tabd action
A quick report on the anti-TABD march this evening:

The march against the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialog was spirited and diverse in viewpoints. Several trained observors estimated that over 2500 marched.

In a rally at the start, speakers critisize the TABD summit for strategizing how to profit on a war economy and how to remove labor and environmental regulations as barriers to trade.

Various social justice interests were represented--by evidence signs and chants: labor, global justice (anti-globalization/imf/ftaa/wto/etc), peace, anarchist, etc.

The police presence was massive, several thousand in riot gear along the march.

Thousands of bystanders watched as the protesters marched across Washington and then up Michigan Ave.

There were 2 arrests. The press flocked around these events like paparazzi around a movie star.

The excessive show of police force was troubling to many.

One sign summed up the diversity of views represented at the march:
And in smaller print:
pro-worker, pro-peace, pro-justice, pro-democracy
anti-capitalist, anti-war, anti-imperialism, anti-bush

For an action with little lead-time in planning, this was an impressive demonstration.



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