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Columbia Peacemaker speaks in DeKalb

Christian Peacemaker Team member speaks upon his experiences in Colombia
Jim Fitz, a Mennonite strawberry farmer from Tiskilwa Illinois served the months of January and March as a Christian Peacemaker Team member in Colombia and will speak upon his experiences Tuesday Nov. 10th at the Latino Center, 515 Garden Street.
Based in the oil city of Barrancabermeja the team makes routes through the rural areas to maintain a presence and witness for civilians, mostly poor people. They also document human rights abuses and advocate for families and victims who experience kidnappings, murders and other harassment on a regular basis, primarily from the illegal paramilitary forces which have been show to be very connected to the regular military. Fact that we, the United States, fund the Colombian Army not just for "Drug War" purposes, but now under the Bush directive the army is openly funded for "anti-terrorist" purposes.
A discussion and good will offering will follow. It is a good experience to learn from someone who has put themselves on the line to actively work for peace. If you need directions, call me. Garth @ 815.756.5001 thanks



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