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50 Steps To Escaping The Matrix

"The Solution: A massively inter-networked fellowship of liberty-loving, real Americans, supporting and patronizing each other from coast-to-coast, lawfully and privately, with no need for licenses, permits, regulations, taxpayer identification numbers or other fascist identifiers."
50 Steps To Reclaiming Liberty! Cut and paste the following into an e-mail and send to others.

01. The Founders warned us never to take our liberties for granted.
02. We did, and the government is now totally corrupt and out of control.
03. The Constitution is a dead letter.
04. Our representatives represent only themselves.
05. But it's too late for armed rebellion.
06. We're totally outgunned by our own government.
07. Petition for redress of grievance is broken.
08. It didn't work in 1776 and it won't work today.
09. Begging for rights to be recognized is unbecoming of a free people.
10. Rights will NOT be recognized or restored, we've passed that point.
11. Some still believe it possible to awaken America to the tyranny that surrounds us.
12. What if tens of million Americans did suddenly wake up?
13. Are they truly ready for freedom?
14. For real individual, self-responsibility?
15. Are they fully educated in the foundational principles of liberty?
16. Are they capable of self-governance?
17. Would you hand gasoline and matches to a two-year old?
18. Perhaps we should all move to the same state and secede from the Union?
19. Not unless you want Gettsyburg and Waco all over again.
20. Here's the answer: Visit
21. Download (free of charge) and read "The Most Dangerous Message In Amerika!"
22. Write to libertyleague (at) for instructions on joining Liberty League.
23. Join us as a member.
24. Receive your membership starter kit and read "Circle The Wagons".
25. Help us create our own nationwide, private economic society.
26. Be able to locate and patronize others who think as you do.
27. Enjoy exclusive discounts from fellow members.
28. Do business "off the radar screen" and "out of the system".
29. Form your own membership support system locally.
30. Stop enabling your oppressors.
31. Boycott their fascist schemes and socialist systems.
32. Stop feeding them your children and your taxes.
33. Stop using their phony, fiat money
34. Use American Liberty Currency instead (see
35. Stop applying for non-required licenses and permits.
36. Rescue your children from the government mind-control laboratories.
37. Boycott all IRS-approved state churches.
38. Stop using your Slave Surveillance Number.
39. Forget "top down" government, it's too corrupt.
40. Get politically active at the local level.
41. Reclaim local government, one position at a time, from dog catcher to Sheriff.
42. Reclaim your entire state, one voting precinct at a time.
43. Refuse federal benefits at the state level.
44. Restore gold and silver as the lawful money of the state.
45. Repeal unconstitutional state laws, set liberty free again!
46. Enroll two others into Liberty League, get your organization going.
47. Two become 4, become 8, become 16 ... etc.
48. "Circle The Wagons" locally and get ready for the coming economic bust.
49. Model the industrious squirrel and start saving your nuts.
50. ... Because it's going to be a very long winter.



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