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"if your going to ol' Chicago, be sure to wear a helmet on your head..."

The rules of global trade are already in place.
The republicans have set up an international chop shop.
Think the economy is bad now? oh boy..
Ch. 2, 5, 7, and 9 all reported that the Chicago police are ready for whatever kind of roughhousing a few dorks will bring tomorrow. None of these "news" programs even considered asking WHY anyone might protest the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialog meeting in Chicago this week. All they know is that the police are ready to arrest anyone for anything. They will be sure to be rolling tape when someone gets arrested. That seven seconds will be on the news and then the anchormen can say "see??!! Those hippies are at it again! Good thing King Daley the 2nd is on top of things!! Now for 12 minutes of complex weather information!!"

1. You have a right to be there
2. Don't do anything stupid
3. Don't give them any reason

If you hear about some moron planning on breaking something, talk him/her out of it fast!
If you see some stupid shit about to happen, walk real fast in the other direction.
This is a non-violent assembly of concerned citizens.
you have a right to attend, to learn and leave in peace.
Try walking up to a reporter and explaining why you are there; who knows maybe you will get a few seconds of airtime
on the news... If NO stupid shit happens, then things like that CAN get on the air!!!
Big brother is watching for sure this time....



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