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Zinn or Middle East History Class?

Dilema - Howard Zinn, acclaimed people's historian is in town and speaking at the same time as the bi-weekly middle east history class. Why oh why?
I recommend you do one or the other...

Tonight's class on middle east history covers the UN partition plan for Palestine as well as the 47-48 war. After going through the history of early zionism and the ottoman empire, I've been looking forward to this class since day one. Check the calendar if you're not familiar with this class series put on by the Chicago Public Library.

On the other hand, tonight Howard Zinn will be in Chicago and tickets are only $3 or $5 if you're a student or if you're not. I've read People's History of the US, the Zinn Reader, and You Can't be Neutral on Moving Train, and would really like to meet Howard. Hmmm.

I've heard Howard's standard talk on war and terrorism, it's worth hearing if you've never heard it before, but I'm afraid you probably won't hear anything new if you've already hear him address the topic.

Ahh, as much as I want to see Howard Zinn in real life, I think I'm going to have to head to the Lincoln Park branch of the Chicago Library and learn more about the 48 war.

Will anyone be recording tonight's Zinn lecture / questions?
Please post it here if you do, or at



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