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Now This Is War: A Refrain, In Thomas Carlyle Fashion, for the 'Dumbed-down Left

"The story.....goes something like this: 'Americans were handed a Republican president that stole his office. With a spineless "opposition," he proceeded to run roughshod over the will of the majority, to revoke protections for workers, to throw away international treaties for environmental protection and against war criminals, to endanger us by us his neglect for security, to destroy our once thriving economy, to run up a 6 trillion dollar federal deficit to pay tax cuts to the wealthy (after being handed surpluses), to wreck our international relations by inane and bellicose one-sided 'ugly Americanism,' to rant and rave and now probably to enact an unprovoked assault on an essentially defenseless sovereign nation in order to remove its leader and take its oil.'"



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