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This is the untold story of Bush Cabal Fraud and how the Clinton Regime delayed the collapse of the United States economy.
Having received some old documents recently from a Democratic committee member, I wanted to tell this story. These were documents that obviously escaped the shredder. Documents from Democrat controlled committees get boxed up. Then they get duct taped and put in various storage rooms in the Rayburn Office Building on the fourth floor. They then sit there forever until they fall apart, and then somebody will either throw them out or will actually look at them.

The documents from Republican investigating committees generally get shredded afterwards. On the other hand, documents from the investigative staff and general counsels of Democrat controlled committees haven't been able to unveil any truth anyway, so why bother waste the time shredding them.

These documents I received were essentially transcripts of personal notes made by a Democratic congressman who was very friendly with Bill Clinton and had conversations with him during the first several months of his first term in 1993. This congressman had attended a luncheon for congressional Democrats with the President and the President had mentioned that he, Bill Clinton, was aware that the economic numbers that the Reagan-Bush Regime had put out were all wrong, particularly when it came to the size of the annual budget deficits and the accumulated national debt.

For the rest of the story, click here How George Bush Sr. Almost Got Indicted For Fraud



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