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Monopolistic practices by America on Line (AOL)

Monopolistic practices by AOL are disgusting. Customers have nobody to turn to. Quality is almost non-existent, and practices are immoral and illegal. Where does The United States Department of Justice with its functions? We have nobody to turn to!!!
Have you ever been offered by America on Line a month or two for free? - I was.
I tried AOL for a month, but then ATT offered me a better deal. I called AOL to cancel the services. Customer assistants offered me another two month for free and said, “think about it before you switch.” Additional two free month of AOL, - sounds appealing, and I agreed.

One day, I am getting a message on the screen, “enter your credit card number” and it goes on every time I connect to the internet. It made me suspicious and I decided to check billing information.

Can you imagine how amused I was when I saw my bill running at $300? I called customer service. Assistants were telling me that I changed prices plans myself from my computer. Can you imagine an idiot who makes his bills run up on his own? I told assistants that I am in a sound mind, - I am a reasonable man.

AOL supervisors were either hanging up the phone on me, or telling me to hold on after which I was disconnected. One day I got on the phone a manager who introduced himself as Mr. Ingrum. This manager said that AOL can split costs???- Funny right. In addition he promised to give me another free access for free months which would compensate me for AOL practices.

Can you imagine how amazed I was when nothing changed? Supervisor Ingrum disappeared. My next call to customer service was answered by AOL employees in India. I am the person who used to American service (when AOL supervisors in the US hanging up the phone and lie) was refused to speak to a supervisor in India. I was told that “there is nobody here.”

So people, AOL trials are not free. If it is free for somebody, - that is because I paid for it; and this monopolistic over the world spreading carcinoma will find many suckers.

Now you can see what globalization means. AOL is a monopolistic creature that spreads to poor and sick countries through the use of corrupt officials and sucks and sucks blood of people.



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