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Bush:"It's YOUR money I'm using to buy GOP votes"

Bush keeps saying "it is your money, not the government's", but he is sure spending OUR money freely enough campaigning for Republicans against the rest of us!
Bush's standard stump speech always addresses tax cuts with the phrase "It's your money to begin with."

But of course it is that very money, OUR MONEY, that is paying for the 747 flights, security, associated support helicopters and limos, and party officials that he is using to campaign for REPUBLICANS ONLY. There is a token reimbursement, but in this year when he and Cheney have set records - in the billions of GOP fundraising dollars - you might think that some Democrat would call him on this phrase in his speech, and remind the voters how dishonest Bush is!

One sample of the speech (only the name is ever changed to promote the guilty) from West Virginia: "Now, I want you to understand, Shelly and I understand, we're not talking about the government's money. See, that's the difference of attitude with some of them in Washington. They say, oh, we're spending the government's money, or we're giving the government's money back to the people. It's your money to begin with."



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